Friday, July 20, 2012

Pintervention #5

Pintervention #5?!? That can only mean one's been 5 weeks already! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone! Before we know it we will be back in our classrooms setting up for a new group of kiddos. I can't be the only one who is just a little bit excited right? I love my summers, but I also miss having a schedule and structure in my day to day.

With all that being said...I have been extremely busy lately! I have been spending lots of time at the pool, with friends, etc and I haven't posted much or had an opportunity to blog stalk all of you. So I apologize for the lack of posting and commenting...I promise I haven't forgotten about all of you!

This week for my pintervention I strayed away from school stuff yet again (the closer the first day of school gets the less I get done!) This time I wanted to try the DIY workout shirt. I am one of those weird people that like to run/workout. I run quite a few races each year which means I have TONS of t-shirts. Well, in addition to running I love, love, love boxing...and let me tell you boxing in a t-shirt is a sweaty gross turning some of my old running t-shirts into tanks has been a life (and money) saver!

Here is the original pin:

and here is one of my shirts...
I tested one of my shirts out this morning...and let me tell you it was GREAT!!! I was still a hot, sweaty mess...but I looked slightly cuter than usual! lol! other EXCITING news...I won a giveaway! There is no better way to start my Friday morning than finding out I won something!! Not only did I win...but I won a ton of really GREAT stuff!!! Thank you to Jenn over at A Pirate's Life for Us!
If you get a chance, go check out her ADORABLE blog!!

If you want to join the pintervention use the link below somewhere in your post!  


  1. Love Pinterst! I am an addict for sure. The t-shirt idea is great, and I have recently started running so I might have to try that.

    I'm a little behind, but I gave you the Versatile Blogger award and the One Lovely Blog award over at my new blog:

    Check it out. I am pretty new at this, but I am really enjoying it.

  2. I've also giving you the Versatile Blogger award, you are so popular!! I'm also a confessed pinterest addict!

    Teaching Special Kids

  3. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Come on over to Teacher Talk to claim the award. Congratulations!

    Tammi :)

  4. Glad to be your newest follower! Found you on your post at Learning is Something to Treasure.
    Growing Firsties