Friday, June 1, 2012

End of the year madness!

My head is literally SPINNING after spending the last 3 days at district trainings. We adopted a new reading series for next year (LEAD 21) which I am excited about...but wow is there alot to learn. On top of a new series in reading and writing, I am piloting a new math series next year as well (Envision) AND we have a new team member. It is only June 1st...but boy am I feeling the pressure! The good news is I LOVE our new teammate and the new materials are seriously so great and the kids are going to benefit from the change. (which is always the point right?)

I am going to use all the chaos mentioned above as an excuse for why I haven't had a new post in awhile! Now that it is OFFICIALLY summer vacation starting today (minus leadership conferences next week) I will hopefully have a chance to get caught up on my blog stalking and posting!

The last day of school this year was bittersweet...I was more than ready for a break, but this class has seriously been a dream! Saying goodbye was tough to say the least. I wanted to send them off to summer with a fun little treat. I found these cute little cups at Walgreens and filled them with candy, a crystal light packet, a silly straw, and a fun note. They were definitely a hit Thursday morning!

I also gave the kids a summer packet to help them get ready for 4th grade. The packet included a reading log, spelling, a calendar to practice flash cards, and some problem solving. I told them if they completed 3 of the 4 activities they would be able to come to my new classroom in early August for a pizza party...nothing like a little motivation bribery to get them to study over the summer :) I hate that I can't share the packet with you all but  a) it is too big and b) it has copies from a book by Evan-Moore called Daily Word Problems (which you should definitely check out!!)

I think that is all for now...I am going to shut down my computer and get out of school and officially start my summer vacation...that is until Monday when I will undoubtably come back up to school because I can't relax until everything is unpacked and organized!!


  1. Those treats came out adorable. Love those cups!!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. We use Envision at my school. I'm a first year teacher so I can't compare it to anything, but I do like it! The technology components are great. Some of the lessons are ridiculous and pointless (as in it tries to waste an entire lesson on something that is not on the test/common core or something the students know how to do already), but I've just found if I plan ahead for these types of lessons I can integrate the important parts them into other lessons. The songs are probably one of my favorite parts ;) Enjoy your summer!!!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  3. Where did you find the cute cups and straws?