Friday, June 29, 2012

Pintervention Party #2 {6/29-7/6}

It's that time again! If you didn't get a chance to join the linky party last week you have another chance this week. This linky will be open until July 6th so you have plenty of time to share any pinterest project you get done. Remember it doesn't have to be school related...and with the 4th coming up I have a feeling there are lots of cute decorations and desserts being made!

Week #2 and I have ANOTHER project done! This girl is on a roll! This pin didn't sit in my "School Stuff" board for months like last weeks project, but it is one I was really excited to get done for my classroom.

Here is the original pin:

I loved these posters, but I wanted to make my own and if you would like a FREE copy of my posters click HERE
I printed these posters on cardstock, mounted them on black contruction paper, and laminated. Then I grabbed a few pie pans and some of my letters and viola! Here is how my bulletin board diplay turned out:
Overall I am really happy with how it looks. I am still working on what I am going to put in the empty space above. I am thinking that will be next weeks "Pintervention" project.

Don't forget to check out my giveaway...joining the Pintervention Party earns you 10pts. Click HERE to check it out!

Also, if you get a chance click on this button to help Mrs. Stanford's class earn a free laptop for their classroom! It's simple and you can vote EVERYDAY!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hoot Hoot Hooray!!

Do I look different to you? Thinner maybe? Taller? Smarter?

Look up, look you see it now?!?! I made a slight change to the name of my blog...I was out blog stalking the other night and found a blog with an almost identical name and similar design. (We both used the same fabulous Alicia at Dream Like Magic) The more and more I thought about having the same title, similar content, and design the more I felt like I needed to make a change...She has been around for awhile and has a fabulous blog and I really just didn't want to step on any toes so I made the switch!

What do you all think?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

50 followers? Seriously?!?

I cannot believe it!! I haven't been paying much attention the last few days but I jumped from 25 to 50 followers in the last week. I know it's not a lot compared to some of you, but it's REALLY exciting for me. I just started my blog at the end of April and I can't believe how fast it has grown and how much I have enjoyed posting and reading other blogs!

Starting a this blog was truly one of the best things I have ever done. Not only have I "met" wonderful teachers and gotten fabulous ideas for my classroom...but I have this new sense of motivation to do even more than I was has me EXCITED to start back to school in August and put all of these great ideas to use.

To thank all of my lovely followers (current and future) I wanted to hold a little contest. It is my first one ever so go easy on me...and any suggestions are welcome. The winner (selected by Rafflecopter) will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon!

The contest will be open until July 4th...Good luck to everyone who enters!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Facebook Post Party-FREEBIES!!

Fern over at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas is hosting a Facebook Post Party and there are LOTS of freebies to be found! I wanted to join in and offer my Multiplication Packet from TPT! You can get your FREE copy HERE!

Visit Fern's Facebook page to find even more freebies, and while your there check out my new Facebook page!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time for a Pintervention! {Linky Party #1}

Welcome to my "pintervention" and very first linky party!! I'm excited to share my COMPLETED pinterest project and see all of yours as well! If you would like to join in on the fun click on the button below for more information and the rules of the linky party.

For my first "Pintervention Project" I decided to go with something relatively simple because I only had a few days...and because it happens to be a pin I have had for awhile and one that I really want to have ready for my class next year. The original pin came from The Organized Classroom Blog, this is an amazing blog that you should check out if you get the chance!

Instead of using sticker paper and a laminator, I used my label maker to put the math problems on the blocks. I was worried they wouldn't stick but it worked wonderfully!
I was able to find  knock-off Jenga games for less than $3 a piece!
I made one game to practice addition
The other game was for subtraction.
The plan was to make another game for multiplication but I ran out of label tape, so I will be headed to the store tomorrow!

Alright, now it's your turn!! I have decided to leave the party open until next Friday so you have all week to link up!!!

It's the little things...I'm a Guest Blogger!!

It truly is the little things that make me smile...and being featured as a guest blogger over at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher definitely made me smile today!

Check out my post HERE

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Time!! {Summer Linky Party}

It's true...I have a problem. I spend hours on Pinterest madly pinning EVERY great idea I see! How many of those projects do I actually get to you ask... none of them...I spend so much time pinningI don't have time to actually complete the project for myself or I just plain forget about it when it gets piled under hundreds of new ideas!

That is why I have decided it is time for a "Pintervention" It is time for me to stop pinning and start DOING! This is where you all come in...I need your help. I need to be kept accountable and motivated! I have decided that each Friday I will host a linky party to display things we have made from Pinterest. Here is the best part...your pinterest projects don't have to be school related. I would love to see any recipes, art projects, home decorations, etc. But don't get me wrong...I think we will all enjoy school stuff the best! I will keep the linky party open for the whole week, so don't worry if you don't get a chance on have plenty of time!

Also, if you haven't noticed I just got my facebook page up and running. At the end of the weekly linky party I will post links to your posts on my fb page! I am just getting started on FB so if you haven't had a chance to go and like my page check it out HERE

Here are the rules:
1) Each Friday I will make a "Pintervention Post" with a linky at the bottom of the post for your to link up your pinterest inspired project blog post.
2) In your blog post include the original pin, your finished project, and if you would like a preview of what you want to get done for the next weeks party!
3) Include the blog button below in your blog post (edit html and simply paste the code)
4) Please comment on the person who linked up directly before you
5) FINALLY...declutter those "to do" boards on your pinterest site!

Alright, I am off to the store to get started on my pin for this week!

Friday, June 8, 2012


I couldn't have said it better myself. Today is my first official day of summer vacation. After spending last week at conferences  learning about our new reading and writing series and this week at the leadership conference this lazy day in bed is well deserved! 

On top of deserving this lazy day in body is requiring it. I spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake with my friends and I decided cliff jumping was a good idea. I have jumped off small cliffs many times...but for some reason I thought a 45 ft jump was in order. I ended up landing wrong and really hurting my thigh. I have spent the last 2 weeks nursing some swelling and a pretty gnarly bruise. Well in addition to the bruise on my thigh I thought I pulled a muscle in my chest. Unfortunately 2 weeks later my chest is still killing me. After a trip to the doctor yesterday it turns out I strained muscles in my chest and back as well as bruising my sternum and collarbone. The doctor did some adjustments to release some of the pressure my back was putting on my chest and whatever he did made it worse! (In his defense he said it would get worse before it got better!) I am scheduled to go back to the doctor on Monday but until then I am resting in bed with ice and ibuprofen...I guess cliff jumping isn't a great idea after all!! 

I guess I will just spend the next few days in bed blog-stalking and getting ideas for my classroom! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

End of the year madness!

My head is literally SPINNING after spending the last 3 days at district trainings. We adopted a new reading series for next year (LEAD 21) which I am excited about...but wow is there alot to learn. On top of a new series in reading and writing, I am piloting a new math series next year as well (Envision) AND we have a new team member. It is only June 1st...but boy am I feeling the pressure! The good news is I LOVE our new teammate and the new materials are seriously so great and the kids are going to benefit from the change. (which is always the point right?)

I am going to use all the chaos mentioned above as an excuse for why I haven't had a new post in awhile! Now that it is OFFICIALLY summer vacation starting today (minus leadership conferences next week) I will hopefully have a chance to get caught up on my blog stalking and posting!

The last day of school this year was bittersweet...I was more than ready for a break, but this class has seriously been a dream! Saying goodbye was tough to say the least. I wanted to send them off to summer with a fun little treat. I found these cute little cups at Walgreens and filled them with candy, a crystal light packet, a silly straw, and a fun note. They were definitely a hit Thursday morning!

I also gave the kids a summer packet to help them get ready for 4th grade. The packet included a reading log, spelling, a calendar to practice flash cards, and some problem solving. I told them if they completed 3 of the 4 activities they would be able to come to my new classroom in early August for a pizza party...nothing like a little motivation bribery to get them to study over the summer :) I hate that I can't share the packet with you all but  a) it is too big and b) it has copies from a book by Evan-Moore called Daily Word Problems (which you should definitely check out!!)

I think that is all for now...I am going to shut down my computer and get out of school and officially start my summer vacation...that is until Monday when I will undoubtably come back up to school because I can't relax until everything is unpacked and organized!!