Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Graphs Galore-Lot's of FREEBIES!!!

The last few weeks my busy bees have been learning all there is to know about graphs...we have been learning how to read graphs, about the different types of graphs, how to collect data, about the different types of data, and finally we ended our unit by collecting our own data and creating our very own graphs! (which turned out adorable btw!)
Our textbook doesn't have all that much on graphing, and the things it does have is not all that much fun so I spent loads of time scouring TPT looking for fun ideas...and as always I found them!

I started with this PowerPoint to introduce the different types of graphs (I had to make some tweaks to it because the fonts didn't mesh with my computer or something)

Then I used this adorable packet to review tally's and reading graphs and data tables.

I also wanted to add a little motivation (which in my classroom always seems to be candy) to the mix. I came up with 2 candy graphing activities. The first one we did completely together and the second one (which was identical except different candy) was for them to do on their own. You can get a FREE copy of this graphing activity here
Next I introduced catergorical and numerical data using a powerpoint I created. If you want a free copy you can get one here
After spending lots of time talking about categorical and numerical graphs and coming up with LOTS of questions that would result in each type of data I had to come up with 2 different questions to ask the class, one that would result in categorical data and one that would result in numerical data. I gave them some time to survey the class and record their results in a data table. After everyone collected their data they were free to create their very own graphs. I put together a data collection packet to keep them organized during all of this and if you would like a free copy of that you can get it here

This project required quite a bit of assistance at first, but by then end they really got the hang of it and produced some really great work! Here are some of their graphs:
Hope you are able to take advantage of one of the freebies!

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