Monday, April 23, 2012

Out with the with the new!

4 different classrooms in 4 years is the reality of my teaching when my principal approached me this year and asked if I was okay with moving classrooms (yet again) it really didn't phase me :)

I have moved classrooms every year due to various first year was because I transferred schools (which is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me!) Well since the school I transferred to was brand new we were very as we grew classrooms got moved around. My second year I moved across the hall...and then last year I moved to a different hallway because I changed grades. This year I will be moving again (RIGHT NEXT DOOR) because we are adding teachers and we want to keep the grade levels together. I thought I would be more upset about moving again...but my new room is fantastic and I am actually pretty good at moving so it will be a breeze ;)
Another postive to moving is that I don't build up a lot of clutter...each summer I have had to purge items I didn't use or need...HOWEVER it has also caused a little bit of disorganization. I have drawers filled with "stuff" and cabinets filled with "junk" AND after moving grades I still have yet to get rid of some of my 5th grade materials...oops :)

The other day I came across Clutter-Free Classroom and the Clutter Free Classroom Project and knew I just had to do it!

I am a few (okay more like 15) weeks behind so I am going to work at my own pace and maybe I will eventually catch up ;) I've combined challenge #1 and #2 into one post since it is more the planning stages than the actually doing.

For challenge #1 we had to take before pics of the areas we are wanting to get I said, I am moving classrooms, however they all look the same so it will work just fine :) Challenge #2 was to make a I will post the before pictures and tell you my plan all in one!
*My first area has been making me crazy all year is our 3rd grade storage closet. We are so fortunate to have this much extra space...however it is so cluttered and disorganized that we aren't utilizing it in the best way. My goal this summer (or during some of our PLC times) is to go through the materials and figure out what we are using and what we aren't using. I also would like to make each shelf teacher specific or even better yet subject specific :)
*My game cabinet is another area that I hate...the kids are terrible at putting the games away and making sure all the pieces are in the right spot. My boxes are ripping etc. My plan is go through the games and get rid of anything that doesn't have all the pieces (and can't be played without all of them) and get rid of anything they NEVER play.
My library...I know it doesn't look so bad, but that is because I came in this past weekend and cleaned it up. My goal for next year is to have the books organized by reading level and have the bins labeled so the kids know which bin to put the books back into. This will be a group effort :)

Cluster-shelf...this is by my guided reading it should be reading stuff right? Well sometimes I love to shove math stuff there, highlighters, other random things I plan for this is to make it all reading!
Gross...I need to de-clutter this space and use the drawer more efficiently. There is a little bit of everything in each drawer, and yes...that is a Darth Vader potato head....I love Star Wars :)

My drawers make me first year I had a great organization system...and for some reason when  I moved i decided to just dump things into boxes and they haven't been the same since. My plan is to get rid of the things I don't use...and then make sure similar items are in the same drawers.
Really...Who has a clean desk? This is an area I definitely need to work on.

There are a few more areas I took pictures of, but I will spare you all the torture of looking at all of them! I promise I will save those pictures for the big unveiling 52 weeks from now :)

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  1. I think it's amazingly hard to keep and organize a room... especially with the every changing needs of a classroom and required curriculum topics. (I'd be happy if I could just keep my supplies organized... just one area of the room!) I wish you the best of luck. I always get so close at the end of the school year, only to have to pack up the entire room for summer cleaning. (Love shiny floors... but not the headache of pack and unpack.)