Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Number of the Day-Math Freebie

All year we have been using Math 4 Today as a warm-up to begin math. Unfortunately there are more weeks of school than we have warm ups from this book. A few weeks before we ran out I started to think of different activities we could do to get those math brains started and I came up with a Number of the Day activity.

I assign a different 3-digit number each day. The kids use this number and a whole slew of other math skills we have been using in class to complete their worksheet. The kids love it, and I especially love that it reviews things like: odd/even, place value, expanded form, word form, money, etc.

Using Power Point I project the Number of the Day on the Smart Board:

You can get a free copy of the worksheet from my TPT Store or click here  for the PDF.
I sent the sheets to production and made spiral bound booklets to keep their work organized and to prevent spending my life in the copy room :)

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  1. Hi, I loved your number of the day worksheet. I was wondering what program you use to make the activity sheets? I love the layout of them!