Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rolling those facts

Like I admitted in my first post, I am a blog-stalker. Having my own blog has not stopped me at all! I still love spending hours reading other teacher's posts and ideas. One of my favorite blogs is here I have gotten several fun ideas from her already.

Just the other day I was perusing this site and I came across a really fun idea for multiplication and fact family practice. In 3rd grade we spend ALOT of time working on our multiplication facts. It can sometimes get repetitive (even though we have several different games) so I am always up for new ideas.

She posted this and I was really excited to try it in my classroom. Assembly was my biggest concern when it came to this adventure. My kiddos sometimes rush and don't take their time when it comes to cutting and folding. This seemed to me like a project that would require exact folds and patience, however it was really simple and worked wonderfully. I printed the outline on yellow cardstock and emphasized how important it was to take our time during the cutting and folding stages and they took me seriously, or it might have been Radio Disney in the background ;)

The dice have been assembled beautifully and are ready to be used for fact family practice as well as a preview for those dreaded division facts next year!!

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  1. What an honor to be one of our favorite blogs, Ms. Walter! Thanks for following, the shout out, and for sharing our multiplication/division die. I'm so glad assembly was a success with your class!