Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am reminded daily how fortunate I am to teach in such a wonderful school district with the coolest kiddos and the most generous parents. This week was the book fair and teachers were asked to make a stack of books as a "wish list" that we would like to have for our classroom library. My stack was rather large since I am attempting to build a 3rd grade library of books. :)

Throughout the week kids would go to the book fair with their parents and pick out books for themselves and a book for our class :) On the last day of the book fair I still had quite a few books left in my pile, so I picked out a few to buy and left the rest (telling myself I didn't really NEED them)

Later that afternoon I walked into my classroom after making some copies and found a stack of books on my desk. One of the moms who had been helping take down the book fair went ahead and bought the rest of the books from my stack. I am one lucky teacher :)

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